Motherhood happened to me in early 2014 and my son, ‘Riaan’ was born in November 2014. For me becoming a mother and my son’s birthday are different as I feel a girl becomes a mother from the time she conceives a child. Those nine months are the foremost precious and one of the most crucial periods in the course of becoming a responsible parent. A mother even before the child is born has to undergo many physical, hormonal, mental, & emotional changes. It is the beginning of a series of change for her which she accepts wholeheartedly and so did I.

Every bit and especially the result of this ‘bumpy’ ride was I must say, worthwhile. Today being the owner of the Other Brain Inc. and a mother too, I turn this new page of expression. This blog, ‘The Little Miracle & You’ will cover all aspects of motherhood. I have named it so as I feel a child’s birth from the cell to infant stage is nothing less than God’s miracle in itself.

Disclaimer: I must mention here that in no way any of my articles/suggestions be taken for as a substitute to scientific or medical aid. All my posts on the blog will be a part of my own ordeals that have happened with me in person.

P.S.: In the photo my bundle of joy, ‘RIAAN’