India is a diverse country with a conservative mindset prevalent in society. ‘We’, the new adults and the charge-bearers of the society though boast of ‘open mindedness’ and believe of living in a modern society but we too know that our society still has a long way to go.. especially when it comes to girls.

Girls are always in a direct/indirect scanner of men and yes women too! They are still answerable to the many questions of family and neighbors. So it is even more important for the growing up girls of this modern yet conservative Indian society to be aware of some crucial points related to their bodies and pregnancy.

Pregnancy does not occur by a mere kiss or hug.
One should be aware of the kind of touch of people around even from immediate family members and also be cautious in choosing the peers.
Conception is possible in a single unprotected sexual act.
Consumption of ‘within 72 Hrs.’ pills is not a guarantee to avoid pregnancy.
Conceiving and giving birth to a baby is not a child’s play or a fairy tale as shown in some films. It is a very important responsibility that a woman should undertake only when she is fully prepared.
Medical termination of pregnancy no matter how advanced is the procedure does some bit of harm to the woman’s body.
‘Date Rape’ is a reality, it is not a thing that’s just mentioned in internet articles and can happen to you or your bestie. The use of drugs and alcohol are the common means of the same.

In no way, I mean that girls in teenage should hide in a room or restrict themselves from enjoying this beautiful age. Neither, I am justifying the society’s outlook towards girls but yes I would say the world isn’t exactly a cakewalk and so it is must for every girl in the growing up age to be conscientious towards their own life.